City of London

Featuring old photos, images, pictures of the historic City of London. The photographs listed here will show you what the City of London used to be like.

All streets of the City of London are included such as Threadneedle Street and the Bank of England, The vintage photographs start from the Victorian 1850s right up to the current time.

The City of London pictures are part of the growing NetXPosure Image Library, where each historic image has been through our extensive image restoration process.

London - Tower of London, Traitors' Gate and Poppies, November 2014 - N3089

Traitors' Gate at St Thomas's Tower in the Tower of London on Remembrance Day 2014, with the Tower Poppies

London - The Griffin c1890s - N3128

The Griffin in The City of London c1890s

London - The Thames, Billingsgate c1900s - N4365

Billingsgate, The Thames in London c1900s

London - The Thames, HMS Belfast c1980s - N4662

HMS Belfast on The Thames in London c1980s

London - The Thames, London Docks c1900s - N4364

Cinnamon Workers, London Docks, The Thames in London c1900s

London - The Thames, London Docks, Grain Handling c1900s - N4530

Grain Handling, London Docks on The Thames in London c1900s

London - The Thames, Tower Bridge, HMS Belfast c1970s - N4654

HMS Belfast and Tower Bridge on The Thames in London c1970s in colour

London - The Thames, Tower of London c1890s - N4346

Tower of London from The Thames in London c1890s