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London - Big Ben & Westminster Bridge - N1713

St Stephen's Tower (Big Ben) and Westminster Bridge from St Thomas' Hospital in London September 2009

London - Houses of Parliament c1870s - N2625

Houses of Parliament from Westminster Bridge in London c1870s

London - Houses of Parliament c1890s - N1765

Houses of Parliament and Westminster Bridge in London c1890s

London - The Thames & London Bridge c1893 - N4370

The Thames and London Bridge in London c1893

London - The Thames & London Bridge c1910s - N3674

The Thames and London Bridge in London c1910s

London - The Thames & Westminster Bridge c1930s - N303

The Thames and Westminster Bridge, London c1930s

London - Westminster and Big Ben 2011 - N2022

Westminster Bridge & Big Ben (St Stephen's Tower) with a London Black Cab fast approaching in London January 2011

London - Westminster Bridge & Big Ben c1890s - N198

Westminster Bridge & St Stephen's Tower containing the Big Ben bell in London c1890s